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Perhaps as a reaction to the mannequin looks of the Instagram face, makeup this spring is all about imperfection. A red lip that is not too defined. Full brows that look natural not painted. Lightly bronzed skin that doesn’t look too sculpted. The Spring 2017 beauty trends are flirty, fun, and ready to party like it’s the 1980s (in a good way).


As we saw on the Oscars red carpet, the blushed cheeks were not subtle. Instead of contour and a pop of color as we’ve seen in recent years, the faces were sculpted with deep blush colors, like plum and pinky reds. It wasn’t quite Pat Benatar but it was dangerously close.


Bold lip colors were seen all over the spring fashion runways. The looks were somewhat smudged, not too defined around the edges. Colors like cherry, bright orange, creamy peach, and deep purple. Textures ranged from matte to creamy to glossy, but always with pops of color.


Metallic glitter eye shadow in shades of gold, copper and silver were all over the runways. We saw glittery gold eyes on Emma Stone at the Oscars, with just enough of it falling down on her cheeks to look fun and not too perfect.

Glitter lips are not the easiest and most comfortable look to wear but were also all over the runways. They could be fun for a night on the town.


The full brow is still on trend but it looks more natural this spring. Unlike the razor-sharp sculpted looks of the last few years, these brow looks are filled in but in a way that looks like you grew them naturally. They have texture as well as color.


Deep side parts are all the rage this spring. This look can range from ladylike waves to sleek updos and pony tails.

Bobs and lobs continue to be popular. They go perfectly with the 1980s pops of color and glitter.

Take these trends and interpret them to suit you. As a Dolce Diva, you may want to play with color and shine, but always in good taste and with a hint of glamour. That’s me in the photos playing with glitter eyeliner.

You don’t want to wear all of these spring 2017 beauty trends at once or else you really will look like a pop star from the 1980s — not that that’s a bad thing.

What are your favorite looks for spring?

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