Spring has sprung in my little corner of the world. After a long winter of lockdown, it’s a welcome change. It’s been cloudy, gloomy and chilly for way too long this year. But the sun is finally breaking through. The mornings are bright, and the evenings are cool but not cold.

I love the change of seasons. We need the ritual of renewal. It’s innate in our bodies and our planet.

In Italian the word for spring is primavera. Sounds so pretty, doesn’t it? It comes from the Latin primo vera, first spring or in the early spring.

My flowering pear tree is starting to show signs of life, with green buds popping out all over. Soon it will be abloom with white flowers, and then it’s dark green leaves all summer. The winter snow birds have left, and the robins are singing in the early morning hours.

I switched out the wreath on my front door from wintry twigs and berries to one with bright flowers and green leaves. I’ve started putting away sweaters and digging through my warm-weather clothes. I’ve even started cleaning my house little by little. I dislike cleaning, but I love the feeling of order and clarity it brings me.

I love a fresh start.

Spring is the perfect time to not only clean out your closets, but to cleanse your soul of old baggage and bad habits. It’s a new day. Embrace la primavera.

Here are some ways to renew, revive, and start fresh this time of year.

Let’s start with the physical. It’s easier to begin with the tangible and practical.

Get your car serviced and ready for the warm weather.
If you live where there is an actual winter with cold and snow, you probably need new wiper blade inserts. Get your tires balanced. Have new fluids put in for the warm weather. Get your brakes checked. Then have your car washed inside and out.

See to your house.
We all know about spring cleaning. It’s a good idea to tidy up and get rid of clutter. Wash your curtains and replace your dish towels with new bright colors or spring patterns.

Make a non-toxic spray with essential oils to freshen up your home, counter tops, surfaces.

Think about how you can make your home into your personal sanctuary. Create a mood in each of your rooms. I like to create a cozy atmosphere with fairy lights, candles, music, essential oil diffuser, colorful pillows and throws. Think soft. Or maybe you like a more vibrant atmosphere. You can create whatever mood you want with colors and lighting.

Buy some fresh flowers. Put out a bowl of fruit.

Clear some space.
Spring cleaning can mean many things. It’s time to make room for what you truly want. After cleaning your house, think about clearing space. This may be physical space or mental space.

It could mean not going crazy shopping for clothes for the spring season. Learn to appreciate what you already have. Shop your closet, and then buy a few key pieces that can help spruce up your elegant wardrobe for spring.

Clear out other people’e opinions. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we are influenced by the people around us. Take time to think things through and make up your own mind about things. Be true to you. Clear out the noise from other people so you have space for your own thoughts.

Spring clean your emotions.
Try not to take things too personally. Knowing who you are and what you are about will help you keep your cool when other people’s dramas are happening around you. Other people problems are not your business. You can help people if you want to, but don’t get caught up in other people’s messes. Most of them are self-inflicted, and who has time for that.

In your own life, let go of the past. It cannot be changed, but we can change the way we feel about things. Release yourself from any past experiences that are holding you back. Move at your own pace. Life is not a race to be won, but a journey to be explored and savored.

Spring clean your social media accounts. Is there someone who keeps popping up in your feed with annoying political posts or time-wasting memes? Unfollow them. Clean out the clutter. You can still be friends on Facebook while unfollowing someone. Your social feeds should make you happy.

Share your spring rituals in the comments section. How do you like to renew and refresh?