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Style Trends for Fall/WInter 2018

Autumn is my favorite season. I love when we get to switch our wardrobes over to fall clothes. Whether you are going apple picking or heading to the office, here are the style trends for Fall/Winter 2018.


Head-to-toe black is very big this year, not that black is ever out of style. But usually people try to break it up by adding a colorful scarf or jacket. This year we’re seeing a full body of black cut in feminine shapes, like a silk sweater with cropped trousers.

Deep reds are also very big. Think autumnal reds like wine reds and brick reds. I’m seeing a lot of strong red jackets and softly marled red sweaters.


Pinstripes are in. Give even a casual outfit a smart entrepreneurial look by adding a pinstripe jacket or pants to your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear them at the same time. A well-cut pinstriped blazer would look very smart with a pair of dark fitted jeans.

Leather and suede are always popular for fall. Do black leather jackets ever really go out of style? I love to pair my leather biker jacket with a flowing feminine scarf to add some whimsy to my outfit. It takes off that hard-core edge and softens the area closest to my face. A leather biker jacket could also look fantastic with your pinstripe trousers.

Suede in deep saturated colors always look smart in autumn. Try a suede jacket or skirt in the new deep reds, or a forest green coat as an alternative to your black leather biker jacket.

Corduroy has made a comeback this year. Some people have a love/hate relationship with corduroy. It brings up images of 1970s television fashion. But corduroy can be warm, soft, and cozy to wear. I prefer a fine rib instead of the chunky cords. They look better on my short frame. Cord jeans in various colors can wake up your fall and winter wardrobe. Perhaps in that dark red of the season?

Chunky knits aren’t for everyone but I’m seeing chunky sweaters everywhere. Personally, I feel more comfortable in layers of thin knits. But if you want to be on trend, there are many interesting cable and chunky knits on the market.


Oversized items such as sweaters and coats add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. Not everyone can pull this look off. I’m fairly short and I can look like a balloon if I’m not careful. But a few oversized key pieces can look relaxed, and are comfortable to wear. I love an oversized sweater with a pair of form-fitting cords.

High-waisted trousers. Waist bands have been slowly rising the last few years, and for good reason. Not many people look good in low-waisted jeans and trousers, and they’re not very comfortable on a curvy figure. High waisted trousers and skirts look fresh for fall.

Chunky wooden heels. I’m seeing them everywhere on boots, booties, and pumps. They add a modern shape peeking out from your trousers. And as a bonus, they are much easier to walk in than spiked heels. That pop of wood looks earthy fresh with your cords.

I hope you enjoyed my take on style trends for fall/winter 2018. Think menswear-inspired items that are softened with feminine shapes and colors.

What are you adding to your wardrobe this fall?

Here are some options I found online:

Chunky Sweater

Black Cords

Suede Car Coat

Pinstripe Jacket

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