This is the first article in a new series about modern elegance and glamour. In the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring the concept of what it means to be an elegant woman in the modern world.

What is modern elegance?

The word “elegance” comes from the Middle French word elegantia, meaning “choiceness.” The word “elegant” comes from the Latin word ēlegāns meaning “tasteful” and is also related to the root ēligere “to select.”

To me, elegance means a curated life, a life of refined choices, luxurious yet simple, tasteful, graceful, and overall excellence.

Synonyms for the word “elegant” are polished, courtly, chic, classic, dignified, exquisite, stately, stylish, aristocratic, cultured — all of this in an effortless, relaxed way.

Elegance is something you can cultivate, so that you don’t have to think about it on a daily basis. It becomes a part of you.

What does it mean to be an elegant woman?

An elegant woman is someone who carries herself with the confidence of knowing she is her own woman. She has made choices in her life that have shaped her style, her manner, her mindset, and her standard of living. She is comfortable in a variety of social situations. She is poised, alert, and curious. She is welcoming and compassionate. Because of this, there is an air of glamour about her.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. – Coco Chanel

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing in this series.

  • Fashion and style – elegance doesn’t have to be boring or minimalist
  • Beauty and skin care – taking care of your best assets
  • Body and health – including fitness, posture, and grace
  • Eating and nutrition -excellent table manners, Mediterranean lifestyle, moderation
  • Social situations – how to be comfortable in all settings
  • Mindset and wellness – how your thoughts control everything in your life
  • What elegant women never do – a list of negative behaviors that ruin elegance
  • Travel and exploration – how to travel elegantly and learn from other cultures
  • An elegant home – how your surroundings influence your life and mindset
  • An elegant day – How a day unfolds for an elegant woman

I’ll be exploring each of these aspects of elegance with individual articles over the next few weeks. Stay tuned as your Ultimate Guide to Modern Elegance and Glamour takes shape.

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