The Italian word for summer is estate (pronounced eh-stah-tay). Summer officially begins on the 20 or 21 of June, although most people in the U.S. unofficially start with Memorial Day weekend. To make this the sweetest estate of your life, let’s jazz up the sunny season with these 10 summer essentials.

La Dolce Vita Summer Essentials List

1. A good book. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, in your backyard, or lying on your bed with an oscillating fan, you need a good summer book to help pass the hot lazy days. Summer reading is light and fun. It could be a mystery, a thriller, a romance, anything that is not too intense or heavy.

2. A new swimsuit. Get a cute new suit for taking a dip in the pool or the ocean. Put aside any feelings you may have about your body, and just enjoy yourself.

3. A beach coverup. Pretend you’re on the Italian Riviera and add a colorful caftan, kimono, romper, beach pajamas, or dress. Enjoy your summer in glamorous style.

4. A lip product. Now that we are freed from face masks, let your lips shine. Try a bright lipstick or a glossy finish, whatever suits your fancy. In summer I prefer shades of watermelon or coral. Be bold. Let’s see that gorgeous smile.

5. Hair accessories. Cute hair accessories can really add style to minimal summer clothing. In hot weather you don’t want to weigh yourself down with heavy jewelry. A cute headband, jeweled barrette, or colorful scarf can help perk up a warm-weather outfit.

6. A cute summer dress. Why wear shorts when you can look like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday instead. A cool summer dress or skirt-and-blouse combo will look much more glamorous than cutoffs and a tee.

7. Strappy sandals. Paint your toenails a bright color and show them off in cute shoes. You can go flat or wear a small heel. I much prefer sandals in summer over flip-flops.

8. A summer cocktail.While lounging poolside or in your own backyard, an Aperol Spritz is your best accessory. They are light and easy to make, and they look so pretty and festive in the glass.

9. A good sun cream. Stay safe out there. Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays with a good sunblock. Sunburn is never chic.

10. A floppy hat. A pretty summer hat looks so elegant with a sundress. Opt for a straw or cotton hat so that the material breathes. Forget the standard baseball cap. To look like an elegant woman, choose a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face.

Bonus tip. I couldn’t help myself. I added one more.

11. Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays while looking like an Italian movie star.

I hope you enjoy this list of my Top 10 Summer Essentials You Need Right Now. Go forth and have a great summer!