How many times have you heard someone say they are stuck. Stuck in their job, stuck at a certain weight, stuck in a stagnant relationship, etc. When people say they are feeling stuck, what does that mean?

Being stuck is just a thought. That’s all. Every time you indulge in that thought you are creating more of that feeling of stuckness.

If you feel your goals are far away and that you’ve hit a road block, take the next small step. It doesn’t have to be a huge milestone. Just take the next step in the logical direction of your goal.

Do You Have 10 Minutes?

I have a friend who wants to add a fitness routine to her morning schedule. She promised herself she would workout for an hour three days a week. But she hasn’t been able to find the time. She’s too busy. She tells me she’s stuck with her current schedule. I ask her, “Why do you have to commit to an hour? Just do 10 minutes to get started. Surely you can find 10 minutes in your day.”

You see, you are never stuck. No one is forcing you to do or not do anything. Feeling stuck is all in your head. Maybe you can’t commit 60 minutes. Commit 15 minutes, 10 minutes. Whittle away at the problem. Make it happen little by little. You’re never completely stuck, unless you want to be.

Does Your Dream Seem Far Away?

Maybe you haven’t made it to your dream job yet. You feel stuck in your current position. That doesn’t mean you can’t start reading about your dream job, or study a subject that will help you get there, or take the first step toward making it happen.

You can’t skip the work and the experience and fast-forward to the dream. You have to do the time. That doesn’t mean you are stuck. You can enjoy the journey on the way to making it happen. Because the truth is, the stuck place is where life happens.

Welcome the stuck places. That’s where you learn who you are. That’s where the real decisions happen. You can choose to stay in the same old place or you can choose to live the life you want. You may make mistakes or take wrong turns. But that is how you learn. You are on a journey collecting data, learning what you don’t want, finding what you do want.

There is no arrival. There will always be another step.

Don’t Confuse Thought for Action

Whenever you feel stuck and are trying to think your way out of it, start taking action. You can dream all you want, but unless you do something, it will stay a dream. There is always some action you can take. Start looking online for information, start calling people, put your desire out into the universe and do something about it. No matter how small the steps, start moving toward your goal. It will come.

And then you’ll have a new goal.

Take control of your thoughts, your feelings and your desires. Harness them and put them to use. Put them into action. Give yourself a kick in the pants. Enjoy the ride. You are never stuck unless you do nothing.

What action are you going to take today?