Snow is in the forecast for New Jersey. In the meantime, the air is icy cold, and it’s a little foggy when I look out my window. The house is chilly. The air is dry. My hands are dry. The trees are bare. These are the times when the blues set in. The winter blues.

All of this is compounded by the Covid restrictions. As we patiently wait for the vaccine to be distributed, and our lives to get back to normal — it will happen, I promise — we need to cheer ourselves up.

How to break out of the doldrums? Here are some tips.

Add color to your life.

  • Put fresh flowers in a vase and keep them in front of a window to brighten up the bleak view. I found a lovely purple arrangement at the supermarket.
  • Wear a boldly colored scarf or lipstick.
  • Carry a colorful purse.
  • Paint your nails a fun, summery color.

Get cozy.

  • Have a cup of hot cocoa while wearing a snuggly pair of cashmere socks. Add mint or cherry flavors to perk it up. I love to add a shot of espresso.
  • Light a candle.
  • Read a book.
  • Listen to cheerful music.

Add some warmth.

  • Watch a summer movie under a soft blanket. I just watched Letters to Juliet. It was warm and touching and takes place in Verona, Italy.
  • Make vacation plans for the future. It will give you something to look forward to after Covid restrictions end.
  • Go Internet window shopping for bathing suits.
  • Wear a summer perfume.
  • Make a tropical drink.

Give in to the cold.

  • Put on some boots and a cute knit hat with matching mittens, and go sloshing around in the slush. My friend made me a green knit hat with a wooden button.
  • Just go with it. It’ll be over soon enough, and then we’ll all be complaining about how hot it is.

How do you get through the winter blues?