There are many reasons why people learn to meditate. The most common is to relieve stress in your mind and body. But there can be more to meditation than relaxation. The benefits of a meditation practice can be profound. Here are a few reasons to meditate:

  • to expand your mind
  • to work through a problem
  • to accept something that haunts you from your past
  • for spiritual guidance
  • to relieve stress
  • to relax
  • to help you fall asleep
  • to gain self understanding
  • for mental clarity
  • to open your creativity
  • to get away from daily pressures
  • to refresh yourself
  • to improve concentration
  • to work through emotions
  • for fun
  • for healing

How To Meditate

There are different ways to meditate. Some people like to sit upright, some like to lie down. Do whatever is most comfortable for you. Pick a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. Be sure your arms and legs are not crossed and your back and head are supported. Escape the cares of your day and use this time for yourself.

You can also join a meditation group and be led through a spoken word meditation with a group of people.

My favorite way to meditate is by myself in a quiet room. Sometimes I simply concentrate on my breathing and relax my body for about 20 minutes. I don’t time myself. My body knows when it is done.

Most times I enjoy listening to music to help me shake off the day and fall into a restful sleep. Other times I wear ear buds and listen to a guided meditation. I have downloaded guided meditations on all sorts of subjects: healing, relaxation, faith, creativity, weight loss, stress, the law of attraction, to name a few.

Meditation Tools

Here are some tools I find helpful while meditating.

Relaxation music is a great way to start. Simply do a search for relaxation music on YouTube and try some of the many artists that are creating their own music on the platform. Or listen to classical music. Lie down for 20 to 30 minutes and let your mind drift while you listen to the beautiful melodies.

My favorite meditation CDs/downloads are by Kelly Howell. She has guided and subliminal meditations on many topics. Her voice is soothing and her imagery is beautiful. My absolute favorite is her guided meditation that takes you to your secret garden and inner sanctuary.

I find it helpful to have fluffy down pillows. Some of the meditations I use are designed to be listened to while falling asleep. A super comfy pillow helps. I’m kind of a fidget when I first try to relax. A good pillow helps me settle in faster.

I also have a Himalayan salt crystal pyramid lamp.  This night-light claims to ionize the air. The soft amber glow casts a reflective mood on the room. I turn off all the lights except for my pyramid. It’s very soothing.

I love meditation so much that I’ve taken my practice to the next level and started writing and recording my own mediations. You can listen to my meditations on my YouTube channel. They are all in one meditation playlist. My most popular recording is my Mermaid Mediation. Give it a listen. It’s filled with beautiful relaxing music and you get to be a mermaid for a half hour.

Let me know if you have any meditation tips that I haven’t mentioned. I’m always looking to learn.