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Blog Optimization Report

A Detailed Analysis of Your Blog

Custom Designed for You

Make Your Blog Work for You
Design Your Blog To Convert

Tailor your blog to your target audience.
Optimize your search engine potential.
Improve page load times.

Blog Optimization Report


Format posts for
desktop and mobile


Refine your categories
and tags for your brand


Get listed in all of the
popular search engines


Make it easy for
your customers

It’s easier than you think.

I’ll show you how.

The Blog Optimization Report includes:

• A two-page analysis of your blog’s homepage, an individual post, header, footer, sidebars, and About page.

Your blog will be analyzed by a speed insight tool to determine how long your blog takes to load on a desktop and a mobile device. We’ll offer specific suggestions to improve the speed of your website.

We’ll analyze your blog’s content, categories and tags and offer suggestion on how to refine your brand’s message.

You’ll get tips on formatting your posts for maximum readability and for search engine optimization.

We’ll offer suggestions on features you can add to your blog that will benefit you and your readers.

All of this will be custom designed and specific to your blog with detailed examples given.

All of this for one low price

Optimization Report

Two-page pdf document delivered
to you via email


for custom analysis

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