Lipstick Kiss

I adore makeup, especially lipstick. Depending on the color, it can make me feel pretty, sweet, bright, mysterious, edgy, or sometimes I just want to feel moisturized.

My tastes range from Bonne Bell’s Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker (soon to be discontinued in the U.S. for some unexplainable reason) to Chanel’s Rouge Coco.

I’ve worn Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker every day alone or under lipstick since I was a tween. It’s my go-to lip balm. I recently bought a 4-pack before they disappear forever.

My new favorite lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl. How do you not try a lipstick called Bond Girl? It makes me feel adventurous.

Your #DolceVita action item for the week: Wear Lipstick.

Choose something out of your comfort zone.

For some of you that may mean a tinted lip balm. For others that may mean a blue lip gloss. Be brave.

Me? I’ll be trying Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink. A nude shade is definitely out of my comfort zone. My lips are naturally very pale, so a nude lip means I have to go strong on the eye makeup. Look out, world. Where’s my red carpet?

Do you want to feel sexy? Do you want to feel powerful? Do you want to feel like a teenager? Or a Bond Girl? I guarantee it will change your confidence level. There is nothing wrong with getting your girl on.

Let me know what you choose. Use hashtag #DolceVita so I’m sure to see it.

Kiss Kiss


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