I don’t like the words “exercise” and “workout” as they seem so harsh. I prefer to use the word “movement.” We all know we should move our bodies every day, but a lot of us are stuck at a desk or in our cars, and then we are too tired to spend an hour of our lives exercising.

Your #DolceVita action item for this week: Find some form of movement that doesn’t feel like exercise.

For example, I love ballet. When I’m dancing I don’t feel like I’m working out. I feel elegant and beautiful. I even do pliés while I’m cooking. I point my toes when I shave my legs. I arabesque when I drop something.

Perhaps you like to play basketball or some other sport. It’s fun. You get to play with your kids. And it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Or maybe you like yoga. It’s peaceful, soothing, and gets you stretching and breathing. How can that feel like working out? It’s too beautiful.

Find some type of movement you love to do that burns calories but feels like living.

Let me know how you love to move. Use hashtag #DolceVita so I’m sure to see it.