Power Down

I love my smartphone. I carry it from room to room. When it’s charging I miss it. When I’m home I always have a laptop going. I have a Mac and a PC. I use them for different things. I have definitely adapted to the electronic world. But even I, electronic addict that I am, must power down from time to time.

When I worked at an Internet publishing company I got hundreds of email a day. And because I was the managing editor, I was always on call. I got in the habit of checking my phone constantly. I actually don’t use my smartphone as a phone very often. I use it for everything else: email, texts, Instagram, Weather Kitty, Facebook, Twitter, My Fitness Pal.

Now that I am on my own, I’m still constantly checking my phone. It’s become a habit. I still get plenty of email, but since I don’t answer to anyone anymore I don’t need to check it with such urgency.

There was a time before the smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, technology has enhanced my life. It makes marketing my own company much easier. I can update my clients and post to social media whenever I want. But sometimes I need to shut it all down.

Your action item for this week: Power Down
I know many of you run businesses and can’t spend an entire day without your devices. I get that you need to be in touch. A day out of contact can mean lost revenue. But can you take the morning off? Have your coffee and talk to you family or walk the dog without your smartphone.

I see people walking their dogs on their phones, or worse walking their babies. So instead of saying, “look at the pretty flowers, honey.” They are chatting away to I can’t imagine who. I really have no idea what people find to talk about on the phone all day long. I can see carrying your phone with you while you take a walk, just in case you fall and hurt your ankle or something. But wouldn’t you rather talk to your baby?

Take the morning back. Remember what it’s like to not have the constant buzz.

I promise you the world won’t end if you take an hour without responding instantly to every email or call.

Power down and recharge your own batteries.