Read a Book

My mother was a great reader. Every evening she sat in her little reading nook and read a book. Sometimes it was literature, other times is was romance novels, or mysteries, my school books, anything that interested her.

I’m so glad I inherited her love of reading. She was a great example for her children.

I love classic literature and the occasional romance, but I also love science fiction, fantasy, scary books, poetry, plays, and biographies of scandalous women. And witches. I love books about witches.

Your #DolceVita action for this week is to read a book that is out of the ordinary.

Choose a book in a subject you wouldn’t normally read. Maybe it’s science fiction or how-to or a thriller or a cookbook. Let it expand your mind. Have fun with it.

Let me know what you decide to read in the comments section. I promise to also read whatever you choose.