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If you want unique items to give as gifts this holiday season, it’s best to shop small businesses instead of the big box stores. I know you can get lots of deals at places like Target or Walmart, but then you’re not supporting a family or an entrepreneur, you’re giving money to a huge corporation.

While these corporations employ loads of people, most of them are underpaid and offered no health benefits. Spend your money wisely by putting it toward a real artisan or craftsman, someone for whom every sale counts.

The best place to find small and micro businesses is Etsy. I’ve had an Etsy shop for several years. I used to design and make handmade soap and bath products. But then I stopped to focus on my coaching. I put a few products in my shop this year, but mostly for my friends and long-time customers, so they could pick up their favorite products for the holidays.

There are many women out there who are far better than I at handcrafting soaps and other items. For years, I’ve belonged to the Indie Business Network. It is filled with hundreds of talented women who handcraft all kinds of products like soap, lotions, sugar scrubs, skin care, jewelry, hair care, candles, cosmetics and more.

Your #DolceVita practice of the week: Shop Small

Go to your local markets, shop the businesses in your area, or peruse the Indie Business Handmade Gift Guide.

Buy something unique and handmade. You won’t regret the love and care that went into your purchase.

Be unique. Give gifts that no one could possibly have, because they are one of a kind.

You’re worth it. And so are your loved one.

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