Time Alone

We spend so much time at work, or on our phones, or on social media. Sometimes I think the only time we get to be alone is when we are in the shower. Who are you when you are in the shower? Do you behave differently?

As women we tend to put everyone else in our lives first: the husband or boyfriend, the kids, the parents, the best friend in need, our work, our customers, our charitable commitments. Sound familiar?

Don’t feel guilty about taking care of your own needs. We can only be at our best when we take care of ourselves first. We get reenergized and then we have more to give to others.

Your #DolceVita practice for this week: schedule some time alone.

Find an hour this week to spend some time all by yourself. Take yourself out for coffee, or to the library, or browsing in a bookstore, or to tea, or for a walk in the park, or a bubble bath.

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. It means being at one with your thoughts, looking deep within yourself to find what you want and need.

Make yourself a priority. You’re worth it.


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You Can Start Right Now

10 Lifestyle Upgrades

You Can Start Right Now



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