Sunset in Redondo Beach, California

I love watching the colors of the sky change as day comes to a close. A dazzling sunset is a reminder that beauty is fleeting, but life is always renewed with each day.

I have an Italian friend who uses the hashtag #labellavita on her Instagram photos. In the pictures she is always smiling with friends and family and enjoying life. La Bella Vita means the good life. Italians love to linger over beauty with friends: beautiful food, beautiful wine, beautiful music, beautiful scenery, beautiful sunsets. Their country is full of beauty. What we call ruins, they call civilization. Art is found around every corner, in the churches, in the squares, in the landscape. Italy is an artist’s dream.

But you don’t have to be in Italy to bask in the rosy glow of sunset.

Action Item: Watch the sunset.
You can practice la dolce vita, la bella vita, by watching a late summer sunset in your neighborhood. Linger over its splendor. Take a moment to watch the beautiful show unfold. Share the beauty with a friend.

If you can find a moment to snap a picture, share it on my Facebook page.

I’d love to see your view of the world.

This photo gallery is a mix of East Coast and West Coast sunsets. Enjoy the beauty.